The Team at recently was invited to a pre-screening of a wonderful new film called "Bella". We highly recommend and endorse this beautiful and moving film. The movie has been graced, already, with many miracles, and is already touching, and literally saving peoples' lives.
We encourage you to watch the trailer which you can do by clicking here:
You can also learn about the lead actor, whose personal story underlies the story of the film. The lead actor, Eduardo, was the "Brad Pitt" of Mexico. Although he was raised a Christian, he had fallen away from his faith. While his music and acting career made him the heartthrob of Mexico, all the glamor and fans did not fill an emptiness in his heart. After a long hard reflection on his life, he decided to use his talents instead for spreading the good news of Jesus, and to work on films that promote the love and hope of Jesus Christ. To watch a video on his return to faith, click the link below and click on "Eduardo's Story":
We highly encourage you to see this film with your friends and family. We ask that if you want to see more wholesome films show up in theaters, like The Passion of the Christ, and films like Bella, then see this movie. When the faithful turned out to the theaters for The Passion of the Christ, it caused many more films with good values to come to theaters. If large groups see this movie, it will encourage Hollywood to make more films with good messages and morals. And I honestly believe that by watching this film and inviting a friend, you may very well save a life. This film is that powerful.
You can buy tickets for the film here:
If you like what you see, we ask that you consider spreading the word to your friends and family about this important film. There are several resources to promote the film which can be found at these resources: Here are what others are saying:
"I have not seen this type of audience support since “The Passion of the Christ”".
Steve McEveety - A Producer of The Passion of the Christ and Braveheart
"Bella is a romantic drama full of heart, soul and beautiful messages. It’s a film that will stay with you forever! Powerful, passionate and unpredictable, Bella is a rare gem, a true surprise. A movie that can transform your life and keep you thinking. Bella is a cinematic jewel. One of the best films I’ve seen in a long time. Watch out for its extraordinary cast, especially Mexican leading man Eduardo Verastegui, truly the “Brad Pitt of Latin America”".
Maria Salas, NBC-Miami
“Powerful and moving… a true inspiration.”
CNN’s Ana Maria Montero
"Life is really, really hard; thank God it’s so beautiful - it’s one of those rare films that catches you by the emotional short hairs and refuses to let go. By the time the final reel plays, you’re going to be weeping tears of commingled sadness and joy - unless you happen to have blocked tear ducts. (And, if you do, you might consider a viewing of this movie as a possible cure.) Bella is really not so much a love story (in the sense of two people falling head over heels) as it is a story about love and how it can heal psychic wounds and enrich our lives."
John P. Meyer, AFI Dallas
"A romantic drama….Mexican director Alejandro Gomez Monteverde’s Bella tells the story of two people whose lives converge and turn upside down on a single day in New York. It has won the People’s Choice Award, which is often an indicator of future Academy Award nominations."
"I am very pleased that the Toronto Film Festival chose “Bella” to win their top audience award over the weekend…. It’s incredibly charming, with terrific performances by Tammy Blanchard and Mexican star Eduardo Verástegui and Manny Perez. It’s directed by Alejandro Gomez Monteverde. It’s too easy to say this is the “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” of this season, because “Bella” is far more complex and sophisticated while losing none of the humor. Whoever decides to release “Bella” will have a nice little hit on their hands. The freshness and lack of affectation in “Bella” must have appealed to audiences who had to endure a number of big-name films that seemed contrived, stale or calculated."
Fox News
The Team at
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